1. Every student should carry his/her Almanac (School diary) to school every day.
  2. Parents are requested to avail school bus facilities for transport of their students/ wards Those who come with their attendant should arrive 5 mins. Before the school starts and never leave before the attendants arrive.
  3. The warning bell before a class or assembly is a signal for all to go to assembly or to their respective classroom silently.
  4. Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The school uniform should be used on all working days and for all school functions.
  5. Shouting or whistling and running in corridors is strictly Prohibited.
  6. Any damage done will be made good by the concerned students, together with a fine imposed on him/her for such an offence.
  7. Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is not permitted.
  8. Our students should observe polite manners wherever they go as the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teachers. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offenses.
  9. The school reserves for itself the right to terminate the schooling of students with unsatisfactory progress in studies or whose conduct is a bad precept for others.
  10. Students Leaders appointed should wear their respective badges daily.
  11. Strict action will be taken against the students who remain absent on special working days. Discipline is learned in the school of adversity.