1. The School follows certain norms rather rigidly in the best interest of learners: should not mishandle, damage or break expensive electronic items installed in the classrooms, otherwise, the students have to pay the full cost of the concerned item. Along with a heavy fine.
  2. Students should not write, scratch or engrave graffiti on desks, chairs and other surfaces. Those involved in such nefarious activities are liable to face disciplinary action.
  3. While moving in the corridors, or using the staircase, students should walk in a line. Running in the corridors, pushing other children etc. will not be tolerated.
  4. Loitering in the school reception area is strictly forbidden.
  5. Coming late to the class, especially after the Lunch break, Games & Activity Period is not allowed.
  6. Students must show respect to all elders and should love younger students. They should stand when any visitor or teacher talks to them.
  7. Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instrument like blades, knives, etc. to school.
  8. They should not pluck flowers or uproot plants in the lawns.
  9. They should take good care of their health and keep themselves robust and strong.
  10. They should always be friendly to other in and out of the school.
  11. They should avoid vulgarity in talk and behavior.
  12. They should accept whatever work is assigned to them as their rightful share. They should face difficulties courageously.
  13. They should never be cruel. They should know that cruelty is the form of a bully white kindness is the mark of a gentleman.
  14. They should never hesitate to say “NO” when asked or I tempted to do a thing which they know is wrong.